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                                   OPTELEC Clearview 500 517 +NEW 24" LCD Screen Low Vision Video Magnifier REFURB


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Состояние Used
Цена товара 64097 руб. 
Цена доставки по США 10699 руб.
Цена доставки рассчитать доставку
Начало продаж (GMT) 18 января 2021, 03:31
Купить можно до (GMT) 18 марта 2021, 03:31
Можно купить в течение: 20 дн 14 ч 33 мин
Местонахождение Granada Hills, California
Количество 1
Срок доставки ~ 2 недели
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Welcome to Synergy Vision Products. We are a California Based company that specializes in the sales, service & training of products for the vision impaired. Please feel free to visit our web page for more information on our products and services. We are a Professional Company that only works with this type of technology. We have been an authorized service center for this type of technology for over 30 years. All our products come with a full warranty against defect. We Appreciate the opportunity to help our clients and will always go above and beyond to help. Up for Sale: REFURBISHED Clearview 500 (517) Color Instant Focus Video Magnifier by OPTELEC with special features pack. Comes with a Brand New 24" LCD screen. A Fantastic Magnifier for reading and writing at home or in your office. When released would have sold for 2995.00 plus shipping and Tax. This machine has been looked at, tested for quality, and refurbished to maximum potential. Comes with a 30 Day warranty from Synergy Vision. This covers labor, parts & return shipping. What's it good for?: It is great for reading (example: books, newspaper, mail, prescription bottles, etc.). Use it for activities (example: crosswords, writing letters, checks, bills, doing your nails, picture collages and organizing, etc.). Great for hobbies like coin and stamp collecting. Picture organizing made easy or even arts and crafts. *****WE OFFER FREE help over the phone setting up your unit and or help with tricks to using it successfully.***** Features Include:Magnification from 5 - 60 times24" LCD Monitor (mnf of screen may vary depending on availability)Built in XY Table (tray that moves from right to left to help keep books straight while reading)Color Mode for picturesNegative Mode (black background, white letters)Positive Mode (greyscale, white background, black letters)Special Feature Box that allows for windows and line markers and extra color modes. VGA Screen/Monitor (increases video quality and contrast)Contrast/Brightness controlComes with all cables and manual. Thank You for checking us out and Happy bidding!!! Check Out our other store items at:http://stores.ebay.com/SynergyVision

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