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                                   Life Assured (Severn House Large Print) By Nicholas Rhea


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Book DetailsTitle: Life Assured (Severn House Large Print) Item Condition:used item in a very good conditionAuthor: Nicholas Rhea ISBN 10:0727877569Publisher:Severn House Large Print ISBN 13:9780727877567Published On:2009-04-01 SKU:7719-9780727877567Binding:Hardcover Language: englishEdition:- List Price:- At AwesomeBooks we believe that good quality and speed of service is what pleases our customers and according to this we have a product guarantee on all our books. All used books sold by AwesomeBooks:Will be clean, not soiled or stained.All pages will be present and undamaged.Books will be free of page markings.Some pages may be slightly dog-eared through previous use.The spine may show some creasing through previous use.Ultimately we would never send any book we would not pick up and read ourselves. All new books sold by AwesomeBooks:Will be completely new and unfolded.Wrapped carefully to prevent damage or curling of book edges.100% money back guarantee If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply drop us an email and we will give you a 100% refund upon returning the item. If you are not happy then neither are we.Shipping Details DestinationAverage Shipping Speed(delivered to your door)Postage and PackagingUSA4-10 DaysFreeAustralia7-21 Days$4.99Canada7-21 Days$4.99UK3-5 Days$1.39Europe7-21 Days$2.39WorldWide14-28 Days$6.99 If your order has not be reached you within a maximum of 21 days please contact us and we will respond immediately to help. Return Policy At AwesomeBooks, we believe our customers should feel free to order any of our products in the knowledge that they can return anything back within 30 days of purchasing an item for any reason. We will not make it awkward, if you want to return something then all you have to do is ask! Simply drop us an email to the address given on your order confirmation email or login to your paypal account used for payment and send us an email from there. For defects or problems caused before receipt of an item we will of course provide full instructions on how to return the item to us. For other issues (perhaps you did not like a product or it did not live up to expectations), we are happy to refund all costs but require the buyer to pay the return postage cost. Once you drop us an email requesting a return, we will let you know the precise return method quickly and conveniently.

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