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                                   Original STACK™ S12 Paper Cutter - Heavy Duty Desk Top Guillotine


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This is an original trademarked STACK paper cutter that has a small scratch on the table so we are discounting it 20%. It is still a new cutter but with slight cosmetic damage. Please see the attached #2 pic. There was also a couple small scuffs/scratches near the scratch in pic 2 but they were hard to photograph. There may also be a few other minor scuffs or scratches not seen by us. Pic #2 is the only actual pic of item you will receive as the rest are stock photos our Stack S12.STACK™ S12 Paper Cutter. High quality paper cutter at a great price. Right out of the box you will notice the quality of this machine. The blade is a hardened steel, razor sharp, extra long 12" blade. It will easily cut a stack of 20lb paper, 350 sheets high or approx. 1.4". The blade lasts for hundreds if not thousands of cuts. However, should you ever need to replace the blade, this cutter is designed so that it is very easy to do. Unlike other heavy duty paper cutters that require you to disassemble the entire cutting assembly, the STACK™ S12 paper cutter has an easy replaceable blade. Simply use the included Blade Replace Handle to hold the blade while you remove the screws that hold the blade in place. The blade comes right off and a new one can be put on just as easy. This is a huge plus as most people who need the blade replaced on other heavy duty paper cutters will have to send it back to the manufacturer for blade replacement due to the high difficulty and danger of replacing other paper cutter blades. The STACK™ S12 Paper Cutter is ideal for Schools, Churches, small and large Businesses, Print Shops and much more.Sorry, no Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii orders on this item.Click to Watch Product Demo Video Click to Watch Product Blade Change Video SPECS: • Size: 25.0"L x 18.5"W x 13.5"H • Weight.: 38lbs • Max. Cut Width: 12" • Max. Cut Height: 1.4" (350 Sheets - 20lb paper) • Shipping Weight: 45lbs • Shipping Box Size: 27.0"L x 19.0"W x 13.0"H FEATURES: • Extra long cutting bar increases leverage - cut as much as 350 sheets of 20lb paper effortlessly! • Easy to operate, sturdy, super heavy duty construction. • Heavy gauge steel. • Safety shield to help prevent users from getting hands under the blade. • Professionally machined and assembled steel blade rail and blade assembly. • Computer generated grid in inches (down to 1/8") for precise cuts. • Surface protected with scratch resistant coating. • Hardened precision steel blade customized at the factory. • Long lasting cutting pad. • Adjustable paper clamp - locks paper stack firmly in place, eliminating shifting and tearing. • Easy-lock safety lever - prevents cutting until released. • Pre-assembled and easy to use. PRODUCT WARRANTY: One (1) YearMBKP International LLC agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any defective part or component covered by this warranty, provided there is no evidence of abuse and we first receive written notice via email of a defect within the applicable warranty period. Wearable items are not covered under warranty. Wearable items include, but are not limited to; blades and cutting pads. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser. MBKP International LLC makes no further warranty of any kind and specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability for a particular purpose.

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