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                                   LG 55LS4500-UD EBT62227814 Main Board IC5601 EEPROM ONLY


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Цена товара 2902 руб. 
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Начало продаж (GMT) 25 февраля 2021, 11:37
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Местонахождение Burnsville, Minnesota
Количество 96
Срок доставки ~ 2 недели
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ShopJimmy | TV Repair Made Easy If you're looking to repair a TV, you've come to the right place. We are the industry leader in replacement TV parts, and we can't wait to help you fix your TV. It's easier than you think! After diagnosing your TV's symptoms, the first step to fixing your TV is finding the correct TV part. We highly suggest searching by the part number located on your TV part. If you need help locating this number, please reach out to us through eBay. We're happy to help! LG 55LS4500-UD EBT62227814 Main Board IC5601 EEPROM ONLY 15.00 The eeprom you receive may be different from your original but it is a compatible replacement. All sales are FINAL and NO RETURNS will be accepted. LG 55LS4500-UD EBT62227814 Main Board IC5601 EEPROM ONLY IMPORTANT: These main boards can have multiple failures, in addition to the EEPROM. If EEPROM replacement does not repair your board, there are likely additional problems. Symptoms EEPROM replacement MAY fix: - On screen display is stuck on logo screen - TV will not power on with remote or buttons (LED indicator remains same color) - TV will not turn on after being off for 30+ minutes - TV shuts off by itself during channel scan or when switching inputs - TV turns on and is stuck in color test pattern mode forever - TV turns on but there is no backlight (LED indicator shows TV is on but there is no image) Part Number: EEPROM-55LS4500-UD-EBT62227814 Part Type: Integrated Circuit Known ModelsBrandModelsVersionsLg55LN5400-UABUSULJR55LS4500-UDAUSZLUR We're TV Part Smart You could say we're mildly obsessed with TV parts. We demand quality. We seek compatibilities. We want to make TV repair easier. And we acquire TV parts from a variety of sources and channels, which allow us to offer the most comprehensive inventory in the industry. Harvesting: We recover all of the working parts from new TVs damaged during manufacturer-to-retailer shipping (2,000+ per week), breaking down every TV in-house and inspecting every part three times. Sourcing: We also source TV parts, lamps, and components directly from manufacturers to meet the fluctuating repair demands for certain TV models. Partnerships: We developed innovative partnerships to both expand our inventory offerings and manufacturer our very own products. A Mission To Make You Happy Our goal is to make you -- the customer -- completely happy. This mission impacts every aspect of our business, especially our customer service. We have over a dozen Customer Service Reps who know their TV parts, actually enjoy small talk, and want to ensure that you have the best possible experience with us. So, please reach out to us through eBay with any questions related to finding part numbers, TV model compatibilities, the weather... whatever you want! However, please note that we're not providing technical support at this time. Let's fix your TV together! About ShopJimmy Jimmy Vosika, founder and Director of Partology, started buying and selling reclaimed TVs on eBay in 2007. He's a pretty smart guy (don't tell him we actually admitted that) and soon discovered that harvesting the undamaged TV parts within reclaimed TVs is a better business model and more eco-friendly. ShopJimmy was born. Five buildings, 13 years, and hundreds of thousands of TV parts later, we now offer TV parts and lamps, TV stands, component kits, board repair services, tech tools, and electronics accessories to thousands of customers across the globe!

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