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                                   2017 GMC Terrain Engine Computer Control Module ECU 33K Miles OE (LKQ~189166551)


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Состояние Used
Цена товара 7962 руб. 
Цена доставки 5414 руб.
Начало продаж (GMT) 23 марта 2019, 18:38
Купить можно до (GMT) 23 июля 2020, 18:38
Можно купить в течение: 7 дн 4 ч 0 мин
Местонахождение Northfield, Minnesota
Количество 1
Срок доставки 3 - 5 недель
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***Important Notice regarding responses to Messages*** Thank you for your interest in our item. Due to heavy sales volume and limited staff, we are only able to respond to questions related to orders. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to respond to fitment or other general questions. Please read our listings to hopefully find the answers you are looking for. Fitment information can be found in the “Vehicle Fitment & Product Details” portion of the listing, we encourage you to use this information in lieu of the compatibility tool. We hope you and your family are safe and healthy. The Source For USED AUTO PARTS 2017 GMC Terrain Engine Computer Control Module ECU 33K Miles OE (LKQ~189166551) Vehicle Fitment & Product Details - Please Check Vehicle Fitment Below Prior To Purchasing LKQ Online is listing a used Engine Control Unit (ECU) in good, working condition. No photos of the actual Engine Control Unit (ECU) are available. A Stock photo has been used as a general representation. ****Some modules may need to be reprogrammed at a service center. Please consult your local dealer**** ****Please Note: The number (LKQ~XXXXXXXX) in the title is for internal use only. This is NOT a manufacturer part number, and can be disregarded.**** This will fit: GMC Terrain 2017-2017 Electronic Control Module; (LH engine compartment) Chevrolet Equinox 2017-2017 Electronic Control Module; (LH engine compartment) GMC Acadia 2017-2018 Electronic Control Module; VIN J ( 11th digit, Limited ), (behind fan shroud) Chevrolet Caprice 2017-2017 Electronic Control Module; 3.6L Chevrolet Traverse 2017-2017 Electronic Control Module; (behind fan shroud) Donor Vehicle & Part Information Vehicle Year: 2017 Vehicle Make: GMC Vehicle Model: Terrain Vehicle Stock #: $V13346-530 Vehicle Engine Size: 2.4 Vehicle Mileage: 33031 Part # or Vehicle Model: Terrain Warranty: 6 Month Warranty (Parts ONLY - NO Labor) LKQ SKU: LKQ530 ~189166551 EBX10080 PLEASE NOTE: You will only receive what is pictured unless otherwise stated in the description. Please do not assume anything else will be included if it is not pictured. All of the parts we sell are guaranteed to be in good working condition unless otherwise noted. We ONLY guarantee the part(s) will fit the vehicle(s) listed in the description. If your vehicle was not originally equipped with the EXACT part(s) listed, it is your responsibility to consult a dealer to see if it will fit your application. Additional items may be needed if this is an upgrade or custom installation. Please consult your local dealer for ALL other applications. Pricing & Inventory Errors Occasionally, technical glitches may cause parts to be described incorrectly, have incorrect pricing information or cause out of stock/damaged inventory to be listed on eBay. LKQ Online reserves the right to cancel/refund any order that had parts described incorrectly, had incorrect pricing information or was out of stock/damaged. We do our best to prevent these issues from happening and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. SHIPPING TERMS UPS Ground - Free - Expedited shipping is not available - We do not ship to APO, military addresses, or P.O. Boxes - Check the ebay 'Shipping and Payments' tab for more info PAYMENT & CHECKOUT PayPal Only (Credit Cards can be used through PayPal) NO credit cards, cash, or any form of checks will be accepted (for example: certified, personal, or company checks) Tax - U.S. Residents Applicable sales tax will be collected for all orders where it is required by law. Tax - Canada Residents (Part must be located in Canada) Sales tax will be charged when parts are sold to customers in Canada. Please check rates below. Quebec: 5% (GST) + 9.975% (TVQ) = (14.975%) Ontario/New Brunswick/Newfoundland (13%) HST Manitoba 5% (GST) + 8% (PST) = (13%) HST Nova Scotia (15%) HST British Columbia 5% (GST) + 7% (PST) = (12%) HST Saskatchewan 5% (GST) + 5% (PST) = 10% HST All Other Canada Provinces (5%) GST ***We cannot ship to the Canadian Yukon Territory. Orders to the Yukon will be canceled*** CA~SKU:3602314

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