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                                   "THE ANIMAL" 1973 CUSTOM Chevy BIG BLOCK Corvette Stingray LS7 454 /Auto T-TOP


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Состояние Used
Цена товара 1243554 руб. 
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Начало продаж (GMT) 23 сентября 2020, 22:12
Купить можно до (GMT) 03 октября 2020, 22:12
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Местонахождение Yakima, Washington
Количество 1
Срок доставки ~ 2 недели
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1973 CUSTOM Chevrolet BIG BLOCK Corvette Stingray LS7 454 /Auto T-TOP Pulled the Valve Cover.. HEADS Marked Hi PERF 6272990 "Change on Corvette Status. Neighbor kissed the rear passenger side quarter this weekend and they have no insurance. Not a difficult fiberglass fix. There was flex but ZERO stress cracks . Just the quarter & easily fixable seam cracks rear Drivers side and front passenger. Takes it down to a 10K sale. If you are interested and have a trade in that price range send some me some photos. Thanks. Gary" Yakima, Washington THE "ANIMAL" 1973 BIG BLOCK T-TOP CORVETTE PROJECT ! BUYING a Pretty Corvette and find out it is a rust factory under the Fiberglass? FRAME? "BIRDCAGE"? THIS CORVETTE has SOLID BONES!!! Making it "Pretty" is the easy part! LS7 454/ Auto Trans. LS7 454 with a RARE offset TARANTULA Edelbrock intake and PRO BUILT Chuck Gulledge Large Jet wide bore Holley Double pumper (the Carb cost a minimum of $4000 in today's money) FEEDING THIS WICKED MACHINE! I Have hooked up a battery and run fuel down into the Carburetor bowls . It Starts right up and sounds like a SCREAMING T-REX! MSD ignition 1973!!! Last year of the Factory MUSCLE CARS! Heavy Duty FACTORY racing suspension (7 leaf springs,Sway bars etc.) I have the side pipe covers if you wish to go back to side pipes 63000 ORIGINAL MILES ROLLED IT OUT IN THE SUNLIGHT AND HERE ARE THE PHOTOS... This WICKED Beast was called the "ANIMAL" Built at "CORVETTE CONCEPTS" in League Texas before a Triple Murder unsolved for decades shut it's doors 36 years ago. .. has been in storage down in Texas for Decades (and now a few years in Washington). It is a Time Capsule with a few minor stress cracks and and a few cobwebs to clear to be ready for someone to drive into the NEW MILLENNIUM! It has a VERY old "INTERNATIONAL SHOW CAR ASSOCIATION" sticker on the Windshield. Photo included with the new ones is the "ANIMAL" in a 1991 Car Show in Huston. SCARY RAW BIG BLOCK POWER!!! Needs Fuel Pump installed (have a new one that comes with) Needs Brakes(4 wheel disc/Power assist) done & ignition switch replacement and maybe some minor wiring to drive Also it could use a few fiberglass stress cracks it got in storage done(easy fix), Needs Carpet install,. Could use some stock Rally Wheels.. Sitting on aftermarket Mags.. This beast was not built to be slow.. Let others drive their stock 275 Horse 1973 454. They will be watching you fly by them !!! And the Thrush HUSH is not very HUSHED! More FUN than anyone has a right to.. But only the winning bidder will enjoy it! Thank you for your interest.

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