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                                   LOT OF(3) SM911 RTM PYRAL RMG RMGI TAPE REEL TO REEL 1/4" X 1200' 7" PLASTIC NEW


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Цена товара 12076 руб. 
Цена доставки 7757 руб.
Начало продаж (GMT) 22 апреля 2014, 18:31
Купить можно до (GMT) 22 августа 2021, 18:31
Можно купить в течение: 20 дн 6 ч 57 мин
Местонахождение Boynton Beach, Florida
Количество 26
Срок доставки 3 - 5 недель
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We sell the entire Recording The Masters (PYRAL, RMG) suite of products and accessories. If there is any another product that you require from the RTM catalog that you don’t see in our listings please contact us or visit our website rtmtapes.com and we will get that item listed for you. For advice on tapes message us on eBay or call us at 516-867-7300 You are bidding on / buying: Lot of (3) BRAND NEW SM911 1/4" X 1200' 7" Plastic Reels Each reel is individually wrapped and boxed!SM911 is currently the world’s most popular tape. It’s a modern formulation with excellent low print, low distortion, and low noise combined with high energy retention, AKA good head room. This tape has a sound, not as colored as 468, but does offers a taste of the warmth analog is famous for. SM911 is available in longplay format, LPR35. You are buying Recording The Masters brand SM911 modern analog magnetic tapes with black back-coating individually designed for giving extra high-output, wide dynamic range, low noise, low print and with excellent winding properties Our Factory Fresh Tape is being transitioned into a new Recording The Masters packaging. The packaging being transitioned includes brands such as RMG, and PYRAL and Recording the Masters. The packaging shown may be identified with labeling with one of the 3 above companies You can trust RTM tapes the same as the EMTEC/BASF/AGFA formulations you’ve come to know and trust. Quantegy/Ampex product cross reference to RMGI tapes. If you need a recommendation for your usage requirements please let us share our expertise If you haven't heard Quantegy/Ampex is no longer manufacturing tapes. Their tapes don't age well so be warned about purchasing any Quantegy/Ampex new-old stock. If you are seeking earlier dated brands such as; Ampex, Zonal, Quantegy, AGFA, Maxell, and BASF (these tapes haven't been manufactured for 15+ years) please contact us so we can accommodate you as best as possible, and give advice as to what are the best replacements for you SEE OUR OTHER AUCTIONS FOR MORE TAPES AND PROFESSIONAL VIDEO AND AUDIO EQUIPMENT!! If you order multiple items we combine shipping! Buyer will receive the exact item(s) as shown in the pictures. BroadcastElec Auctions has proudly been serving the eBay community for over 17 years. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and fast/safe shipping. We ship both US domestic and international from our brick and mortar facilities in Baldwin, NY. BroadcastElec Auctions is a part of Duplication Specialists DBA as Flypack New York Inc. Duplication Specialists has been producing CDs and DVDs as well as archiving and transferring media for over 30 years. Flypack New York specializes in mobile production and multi-camera events but with our diverse array of equipment, the possibilities are endless. As such we are extremely familiar with how to operate and test the items we have listed. We receive much of our inventory from our numerous clients. As a result, we know the pedigree of all the items that we have listed and can guarantee they come from caring hands. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us! We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. If you are unsure about bidding on/purchasing an item for any reason, please do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to help ensure you find the right product! You can reach us at 516-867-7300 Please check our EXCELLENT feedback and bid with CONFIDENCE Happy Bidding! BroadcastElec Store Refund/Return Policy: We at BroadcastElec have a (30) day refund/return policy. If the item is not your intended buy but is still in new and un-used condition, you may return the item within (30) days of purchase for a refund. A 15% store restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount. The buyer is responsible for return shipping, as well as any and all costs associated.

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