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                                   Mulungu bark powder (Erythrina mulungu) - 28g (1oz)


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28 g of Erythrina mulungu bark powder (1oz) Botanical name: Erythrina mulungu Other names: Corticeira, murungu, muchocho, murungo, totocero, flor-de-coral, árvore-de-coral, amerikadeigo, ceibo, chilichi, chopo, hosoba deiko, pau-imortal, mulungu-coral, capa-homem, suiná-suiná Family: Fabaceae Geographic distribution: Native to Brazil History Mulungu grows natively in the tropical wetlands of South and Central America. The bark and root of the tree have been used by indigenous people to promote relaxation. Recent researches demonstrated that mulungu contains high levels of flavonoids, which have an antioxidant effect, and potent alkaloids, which may help reduce anxiety. The mulungu is a holistic plant : it acts on the body and mind. In herbal medicine, the mulungu's sedactive effects are scientifically recognized. The mulungu calms nervous people, and helps to fight against disorders of the nervous system, particularly insomnia and anxiety. As a natural sedative, the mulungu promotes deeper and restful sleep. It is said that the mulungu is a natural medicine because its alkaloids (one of the active ingredients from the bark of mulungu) act on neurotransmitters in the context of disorders ranging from anxiety, depression and epilepsy. Our Mulungu Our Mulungu is organic and was not in contact with chemicals. It was respectfully harvested, with care and love for the environment where it is naturally found. Is has a high content of essential oils and is of higher quality because it is always harvested at the right moment and prepared in the best conditions. ----------------------------------------------------Our high quality standards have been applied and perfected for many years. High Quality means high levels of freshness, potency, price, environmental awareness and shipping. Freshness: All our products are always freshly harvested. We work with many farms and we always work directly with the producers directly at the source. We know how many plants we need every month, and we never order more than what we need, so we rarely have overstocks that are sleeping in our warehouse. When we do have overstocks that have been kept for too long, we never sell it, we dispose of it in an ecofriendly way. Potency: High potency of our products is really important to us. The freshness of the plants is the greatest parameter that affects potency; therefore, freshness control is our number one priority. However, plants being plants, many other factors can affect potency; like temperature and humidity, age, time of the harvest, method of drying and other factors. We also control those parameters very closely, to be able to offer the highest quality plants, seeds and extracts. Moreover, all our products are tested to eliminate the probability that one of those "other factors affecting potency" diminish the potency of our products, consequently making the potency levels lower than our high potency standards. Price: High Quality is also about price. We believe a higher quality product does not necessarily mean a higher price. We don't jump on the opportunity of making more profit because we're offering higher quality products; we don't believe in that way of thinking. We want to offer our customers the best products possible at lower costs. We make this possible because the production of higher quality products in our business (plants/seeds/extracts) does not cost much more than low quality products that are on the market. Producing high quality plants/seeds/extracts is much more about knowledge, experience and cooperation with our suppliers, which we all know, cost nothing. However, it takes motivation, passion and devotion which is reflected in every parcel of our company. Environmental awareness: Having high ecological standards and environmental awareness is very important for us, and an important part of our standards of quality. We practice Sustainable Development in every aspect of our company and in every part of the production. From harvesting to shipping, everything is eco friendly and sustainable, which means that we respect the planet, every human and societies involved. Many of our plants come from genuine communities far in the Amazon, Thailand, Africa, etc. Many of these communities are in need, and our role is to respect them, to give them more than what they need and to bring them positive energies and business. Many of those people make a living harvesting our products and it's our duty to treat them right and pay them more than the average. Our Sustainable Development plan also includes respect of the environment. All our products are organically grown, ethically harvested, not treated with any chemical and harvested with great respect and love for nature. Shipping: Fast shipping and quick customer service is also essential for a High Quality product. Our mission is to get the product to you as quick as possible after the transaction. We now ship every second day and we will soon ship everyday. Fast and friendly customer service is also very important to us because of our high quality standards. And it's also the part we love most! This is where we have a chance to make contact with our customers, where we are able to create something more than only a business transaction. Having the chance to create this contact is a very rewarding task; we love answering your questions and concerns, making sure you are satisfied. It's not hard for us to offer a quick and reliable customer service because we love it so much! We always answer our e-mails at least once a day, but more often twice or 3 times a day. Also, our shipping is discrete and professional. We believe all these aspects must be fully respected in order to call a product "High Quality". We've been working on this High Quality plan for many years, and we can now say that our products are indeed High Quality. Briefly, we want every customer to be happy, and we're continually working and improving to achieve 100% satisfaction! ***************************************************** *** Shipping on tuesdays and thursdays *** We ship to: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA. For all other countries, please inquire. There are also restrictions on some of our products for some countries, please inquire if you have any doubt, but it is your responsibility to know the laws in your country before to order. *** Shipping delays and fees *** Vary according to the country it is shipped to and the payment method chosen. *** We combine shippings for multiple orders and for PRIORITY (next day) service and packages more than 1 kg, please send us a message *** FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS (outside CANADA): please read the following: The international delivery time is variable from anywhere of 1 to 6 weeks, sometimes even longer, depending on your country’s Customs Checking and Clearance situations, and Postal Service conditions. We allow 45 business days for international orders to be delivered. Also, be aware that different country has different regulation. While most foreign countries permit to import our store listing products, some countries' customs may restrict or ban some of the products. Please consult your country's customs to see if there is any restriction to the product: it is the buyer's responsability to verify those restrictions prior to order from us. International shipping carrier is Canada Post services. The low shipping fees you are offered for international shipping are for regular postal international shipping service, without tracking. We can only provide you a Registration number of your package and evidence of shipment, but it is not a tracking number, and it does not offer any tracking details. Canada Post does not offer any affordable options for sending items out of Canada with tracking or insurance. The only options that include both of these services are Tracked mail and Express mail: you can always choose one of them during checkout, it you agree to pay the higher price. But to require this cost for all international orders would make the cost too high for most buyers. Thanks for your understanding. Please ask us if you have any questions: we will be happy to answer! **************************** Our products are not certified by the FDA neither Health Canada for human consumption. They are sold for incense and soap making purposes, decorative purposes and/or legitimate ethnobotanical research. Our products are not sold and intended for human consumption. The information given about the plants is for academic purposes only and not intended to be used medically. TrancePlants, its suppliers, agents, employees and distributors cannot be held accountable for any misuse of the products offered.

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