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                                   1x NEW CFEON EN25Q64-104HIP EN25Q64 104HIP SOP8 IC CHIPS


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Реквизиты для оплаты Вашей покупки 1x NEW CFEON EN25Q64-104HIP EN25Q64 104HIP SOP8 IC CHIPS Вы получите на email, оформив заказ.

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Состояние Новый товар
Цена товара 1742 руб. 
Цена доставки по США 428 руб.
Цена доставки рассчитать доставку
Начало продаж (GMT) 14 апреля 2013, 08:20
Купить можно до (GMT) 30 ноября 2018, 08:08
Можно купить в течение: Продажа завершена
Местонахождение Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Количество 20
Срок доставки ~ 2 недели
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If you like to leave the negative or neutral feedback directly, please don't purchase in my shop!!!We always try our best to solve your problem, if you have a problem regarding your transaction, please contact us before leaving any type of feedback. 1x NEW CFEON EN25Q64-104HIP EN25Q64 104HIP SOP8 IC CHIPS Product Description: • Item includes: EN25Q64-104HIP *1 (NEW). • Warranty:30 days (from day of purchase,all items sold in our shop have no assurance after the use in the machine, including brand new and manufacturer refurbished items.) • We also have brand new for sale,because we don't always have new one in stock,so we don't post it on ebay,you can contact us for brand new one,price should be higher. • We also have other IC chips for sale.Please feel free to contact us. • We have stencil, solder balls,flux,sparkle paste,many kinds of reballing products for sale,you can check it at our store. Payment Method: • We accept paypal only; • Payment must be received in 7 days after the auction close. Shipping information: • This item will be shipped worldwild by regular mail in 3 business day. • We only ship to paypal address.please give us the exact address and phone# through paypal. • Delivery time: Area Normally delivery time Asia countries 10 to 30 days UK,Ireland 10 to 45 days USA,Canada,Australia 15 to 45 days Western Europe 15 to 45 days France,Italy and other countries 15 to 45 days Brazil (Strict customs policy for electronic products) 30 to 75 days Warranty: Item will be tested before ship,it will be in good condition,if there are some problems with the item,feel free to contact us. Feedback: • Once you have received your item, please leave feedback for us as this will inform us that you have received your items. • Please leave us a positive feedback after you receive your order , we will give you a positive feedback soon. • Your satisfaction is most important for us. If you have a problem or question regarding your transaction, please contact us before leaving any type of feedback. And give us the opportunity to reasonably rectify in a reasonable amount of time, whatever your concern may be. Negative feedback does not solve anything. We are always willing to work things out. If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it.So feel free to contact us.Thank you very much! Returns and Refund Policy: • We do our best to serve each and every customer the best we can. • You can return your items within 30 days. • Buyers are responsible for return shipping with proper packaging. • All items returned as defective will be tested-and if found defective,a replacement will be shipped immediately. • If you have any other questions,please kindly contact us. We are Dedicated to Our Customers by Providing the Best Customer service, and Building strong Relationships with our Customers, so Please Buy with Confindence. G84-600-A2 G86-303-A2 G86-603-A2 G86-620-A2 G86-621-A2 G86-630-A2 G86-631-A2 G86-635-A2 G86-703-A2 G86-730-A2 G86-740-A2 G86-750-A2 G86-770-A2 GF-GO7200-N-A3 GF-GO7200-B-N-A3 GF-GO7300-B-N-A3 GF-GO7300-N-A3 GF-GO7400-N-A3 GF-GO7400-B-N-A3 GF-GO7400T-N-A3 GF-GO7600-H-N-A2 GF-GO7600-H-N-B1 GF-GO7600-N-A2 GF-GO7600-N-B1 GF-GO7700-N-B1 NF-G6100-N-A2 NF-G6150-N-A2 NF-SPP-100-N-A2 AF82801IBM SL8BQ AC82GL40 SLB95/SLGGM 216-0752001 218-0697014 BD82QM57 IXP460 218S4RBSA12G BD82HM55 SISM672 AF82801IEM SLB8P 216-0674022 215-0674034 216-0752003 216-0674026 QG82945GSE 215-0752007 BD82PM55 218-0660017 215-0752016 Please feel free to contact us. Hope to deal with you for a long time.Thank you so much! ( & )

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