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                                   Sugar and Spike #78 1968 VG 4.0 Stock Image


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Sugar and Spike #78 1968 VG 4.0 Stock Image Published 1968 by DC Grade: VG 4.0 If you are not familiar with comic book grading Comic Book Grading Scale This is a low grade item. It will be complete and readable, but will show significant wear. Defects allowed on an item in this grade may include discoloration, a moderate amount of staining or water damage, writing or other marks on the cover, up to one inch spine splits or other tears, a cover or centerfold that is detached at one staple, and a minor piece or pieces missing. For more information, please see our comic book grading standards. Cover art by Sheldon Mayer. Stories starring Sugar & Spike: Beware of Froolers (with Bernie the Brain, who comes up with a wild new invention) and Bearing Down on the Baron (chap 2). Scripts and art by Sheldon Mayer. Pint-Size Pin-Ups paper dolls by Mayer. Write Your Own Comic Page! by Mayer. 36 pgs. $0.12. Stock image The image for this listing is a stock image provided to help you identify the item, but is not the specific item being offered, nor does it represent the grade or condition of the item you will receive. Please read the item description for any description of grade or condition. Also check out our comic value packs Value packs are a great way to get a lot of comics at a low price. Each value pack contains around 3 lbs. of comics, generally about 25-40 comics depending on page count. We offer a variety of packs grouped by character, genre, or publisher. View all value packs There should not be duplicate issues within a single pack, but if you order multiple packs within the same group you may occasionally receive minor duplication. Most value packs contain comics in grades ranging from VF to GD, with the only exception being the Wounded Wonders value pack which contains pre-1980 comics in lower grades, typically ranging from low GD to PR/non-collectible and may be incomplete. We Buy Comics and Accept Consignments We buy tens of thousands of comics a month. We buy everything from large modern collections to individual high value Golden Age and Silver Age books and everything in between. We also accept consignments of comics and comic art. Learn more about selling and consigning comics and comic art Also available: vintage paperback books We list over 10,000 vintage paperback books for sale on eBay, including sci/fi, fantasy, action/adventure, horror, humor, men's interest, and mystery.

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