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                                   Proktis-M ointment 30 gr burning,itching & inflammation of hemorrhoids,fissures


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PRODUCT "Proktis - M 'is a natural product with hyaluronic acid, which quickly removes the pain, burning, itching and inflammation of hemorrhoids and fissures! Proktis - M (Rectal ointment applicator containing Hyaluronic acid and horse chestnut extract) strengthens and tissue repair; away or eliminate the possibility of subsequent relapse (recurrence after remediation) for external and internal hemorrhoids; heal anal fissures cracks i without subsequent relapse. Hyaluronic acid accelerates the healing of tissue and suppresses the inflammation process. Wild chestnut increases the elasticity of the walls of small blood vessels and thus helps the drainage of stagnant fluids (blood) and lymph. Proktis - M affect: pain - Bleeding - burning - itching - secretion Proktis - M is used for: Internal and external hemorrhoids; Anal cracks; Fissures; Proctitis; Perianal fistulas; Kriptiti; Treatment of ano-rectal canal after proktologichni operations. Ingredients: sodium salt of hyaluronic acid White Vaseline petrolatum propylene glycol polidokanol fitozomi estsin beta-sitosterol fitozomi glycyrrhizic acid butylated hydroxytoluene isopropyl paraben isobutyl paraben butyl paraben Proktis - M used in pregnant women (after consultation with your doctor) and children. Proktis - M * contains no steroids and topical analgesic ingredients, making it suitable for long term use without any side effects sranichni. * Long-term treatment with topical corticosteroids may lead to skin infections, skin atrophy, hyperpigmentation and superficial varicose veins. Proktis - M regimen: In exacerbation of symptoms - 1 application twice daily (morning and evening), after toileting and possibly defecation (bowel movement). When symptoms abate - 1 application daily (evening) after toileting and possibly defecation (bowel movement). Duration of treatment: If symptoms persist for more than a week, consult your doctor. Recommended by surgeons and proktolozi! Stop the bleeding! No side effects! MEDICAL DEVICE Using quality products is beneficial to your health! Manufacturer: Farma-Derma Srl Italy Shipping & Handing All items will be checked before packing. All items are new and of high quality. Item will be shipped within 1 business days upon receipt of payment, excluding weekends and public holidays. Delivery time is about 5-28 business days and it may take up to 4 weeks to Australia and South American countries due to strict custom inspection. We ship worldwide. Shipping fee include packing, warehouse, distribution, order handling and processing costs. We offer combined shipping discount on Shipping & Handling. Item will be shipped to winning Buyers from Bulgarian Post. Please note that some countries will have custom duty or tax for certain items. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay all endued custom duty or tax. Delivery time is approx. 5-20 business days to most destinations: 8-14 business days to UK 5-10 business days to Germany 10-25 business days to USA/ Canada 10-15 business days to Australia 5-14 business days to Europe Payment & Method We accept PayPal . It is easy and safe. PayPal allows you to pay by credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal account balances. eCheck will be held until cleared. If you do not have PayPal account, please sign up and learn more about PayPal at www.paypal.com. Item will be shipped to Paypal shipping address only except special notes from buyers. All sales are final. Serious Buyers only - please do not bid or click "Buy it Now" unless you are intended on completing it. 30-day Warranty with Exchange for defective, malfunctioned, incorrect or parts-missing items. Please notify us and simply return the item with all parts and accessories packed and marked "FOR EXCHANGE" within 14 days of receipt. If defective, malfunctioned or parts-missing items are no longer available, a refund may be issued. Return items should include the original packaging and accessories.

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