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                                   Commodore Amiga External Drive Adapter for Gotek FlashFloppy Solder yourself KIT


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Цена товара 2807 руб. 
Цена доставки 590 руб.
Начало продаж (GMT) 02 ноября 2018, 20:23
Купить можно до (GMT) 02 декабря 2018, 20:23
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Местонахождение Aalesund
Количество 4
Срок доставки 3 - 5 недель
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This is the solder yourself version! This design has only through-hole components, so it is easier to solder than those SMD components. It is available in Black, Red, White and Green PCB. I will send random color PCB depending on stock unless buyer request a spesific color. Its your chance to get a great quality adapter for less.Its also the one with most features. At the best price. How would you like to have an adapter that not only could use original Amiga floppy drives, but also PC floppy drives and even the Gotek drive as an external floppy drive? Well, I made one, and its the adapter with the most features on Ebay. I am not satisfied with it only being compatible with Gotek. I want it all, just like you. Why pay more for something that perform less? You worked hard for your money. You deserve the best. Works with any Kickstart. I have equipped this bad boy with jumpers to select PC or Amiga floppy drive, jumpers to select between DF1:, DF2: and DF3: making this the only adapter on ebay that can be set to DF2: and DF3: You can use a Gotek drive flashed with FlashFloppy or other Amiga compatible firmwares, and select it as a Amiga drive. This will even boot the Amiga from early startup on Kickstart 2.0 and up. The drive itself is not included, and you have to supply your own floppy cable. Fortunately, you can use a standard floppy flat cable from a old PC. (IDC Cable) The size of this thing makes it easy to insert and unplug whenever you want, just make sure the Amiga is powered down while doing so. It turns out that the DB-23 connector that plugs into the Amiga has gone out of production several years ago. There are still a few connectors available, but at a price that is not realistic and it smells like speculation. After experimenting a bit, I found that using a regular DB-25 connector work just as good. These are still in production, and to my surprise they work great. Better than great. All I had to do is to snip off the extra pins with a sidecutter. Please visit my blog for more information about this item: https://retrozonesite.wordpress.com I was afraid they would be awkward to fit, and easy to put in wrong, but instead they slip right on without any issue everytime. At this point Im convinced its a real waste of money to use DB-23s when the DB-25 work so great. I fight to keep prices low, so my choice was to use the lower cost connector that was not made in the 90s and work just as good. The PCB however, support both versions of the connector. I took a picture of a setup on my Amiga 500. I decided to make the IDC cable as small as possible so that the Gotek stay put. The Gotek and the computer is not included. Please note that some very few games require you to boot from the internal floppy. These limitations are not the fault of this adapter, its how the game or program was made. Dont be scared by the low price, this is a quality product made by a fellow retro enthusiast fighting to keep the prices low for my fellow retro fans. The PCB was designed at home, and produced at a professional PCB factory. I am honored and humbled that you took your time to read all of my silly ramblings :) If you decide to buy from someone else, I at least managed to make other sellers on ebay lower their prices. A lot!! Its a great victory for retro fans worldwide. :) Combined shipping: Most of my items for sale have combined shipment discount. But you MUST first add the items to your cart and then pay to take advantage of it. Its how the Ebay system works. If you buy items one at a time, you have to pay full shipping for each item. Why not try it out, you can add items to evaluate the shipping discount and add or remove items before you pay. Item will be shipped with no tracking number and no insurance. I will not be held responsible for items lost in mail. Please allow for up to 5 weeks for item to arrive to some areas of the world. Shipping times are out of my control. Note that some countries might add Tax or customs fees. All local TAX and fees are the buyers responsibility.

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