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                                   2404jrcFk9 Japanese ZEN hanging scroll Inoue Hakuun 喫茶去 Chagake  


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Цена доставки 856 руб.
Начало продаж (GMT) 22 октября 2018, 01:08
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Featured item 【ZEN】 -----------Chagake!!!!!-----------What's Chagake (茶掛け)???It’s a hanging scroll in a tea-ceremony room.It is important for chagake.....No damage / No stain.In short, it’s significant that the condition is good unlike an ancient painting.You can buy selected items that are carefully from many in our store on ebay. This is the difference between other stores. We have good chagake as much as possible. -------------------------------------Japanese Antique Hand Painted Hanging Scroll 喫茶去 KissakoThis is a word of a Chinese Zen master Zhaozhou Congshen (778–897) in a dialogue recorded in Wu Deng Hui Yuan, the five historiography on Zen quotation.While it simply means "please have a cup of tea", it represents the state of no-self in which one do not distinguish people based on their background. Inoue HakuunHe was the chief priest of Kotoku-ji temple, Jodo-Shin sect, Otani-ha school.And also he was a Japanese calligrapher.Material =Paper Condition=Good Roller Ends = Wood It comes in its original tomobako(signed storage box) which is signed & sealed by this artist. The original item guaranteed!Size =145.5 x 42.5 cm Art Work = 26.5 x 33 cm Weight = 610 g (packing material is not included)Completely free shipping charge!! EMS/FEDEX (Expedited Shipping) only Fully insured and we'll offer the tracking number to trace online. It arrives in 5-7 days. No SAL shipping(I can not send my valuable item without insurance,please understand it) Please pay within one week after the auction end.We recommend PAYPAL payment.If you have any problems with Paypal settlement, please e-mail us.We consider other payment method, such as bank transfer,etc. Buyer must responsible for import tax/custom.*The insurance covers the declared amount only.Please let us know your TELEPHONE NUMBER that we write on the postal document and invoice.The delivery transaction will be much smoother than without it. EN-CORPORATION is committed to customer satisfaction and considers communication the best medium for resolving problems of any kind. If for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase please contact us and we will do everything within reason to accommodate you. Please understand that the item has stains and wrinkles, but it is vintage. Since it is an old item, please look at the pictures closely and judge. The actual size, color or appearance may vary because of the lighting effects.Please understand it. We would highly recommend you our items with buy it now price. Chosen carefully, we would guarantee these are handwriting (not printed) and the original. Awaiting for your happy bidding ! !

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