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                                   MONSTERS ON THE PROWL (1971 Series) #23 Fine Comics Book


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Цена товара 2996 руб. 
Цена доставки 1378 руб.
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Местонахождение US
Количество 1
Срок доставки 3 - 5 недель
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Please note: this is only one of the many thousands of back issue comics, magazines, comics trade paperbacks, and comics hardback collections that we list for sale on eBay. We stock over eight million comics and books in our three Denver warehouses, our two Denver area retail stores, and most especially in our gigantic 35,000 square foot Central Denver Mega-Store. Please enjoy shopping through the single largest selection of comics available from any one vendor on all of eBay! In addition to our low prices, you can also combine an unlimited number of comics and books into a single order for only a $4.95 shipping charge for delivery anywhere in the USA, and $14.00 shipping on most International orders. An important note: the cover photo of the item shown in this listing, is not a scan of the actual item. We sell well over one million back issue comics a year, and thus have a huge library of past scans that we utilize to illustrate the books that we are offering on eBay. Below we have listed a very detailed written description of our grading standards for this particular book. If the issue that we send you fails to meet any part of our grading criteria, we'll arrange for a full refund, and/or a replacement copy. The final bit of information that you need to know about us is that our eBay warehouse is closed on the weekends and on most major holidays. We generally ship all our eBay orders Monday-Friday, and with the exception of orders arriving on Friday, we generally can ship eBay orders within 48 hours. Happy Collecting! Chuck Rozanski, President - Mile High Comics, Inc. MONSTERS ON THE PROWL (Series Began 1971) Issue #23 comics in Fine condition. Published by Marvel. Fine - An exceptional, above-average copy that shows minor wear but is still relatively flat and clean with slight creasing or minor defects. Eye appeal is somewhat reduced because of slight surface wear and possibly a very small defect such as a few very slight cross stress marks on spine. A Fine condition comic book appears to have been read a few times and has been handled with moderate care. Compared to a Very Fine, cover inks are beginning to show a significant reduction in reflectivity but is still a highly collectible and desirable book. We list over 200,000 items in our eBay Store. Shipping costs apply only to the first item. All additional items in the same order ship for free! The image in this listing is from a random copy of this product that we have had in stock recently. It probably will not be the item we send you, nor even representative of the grade of this item, but is meant to help you determine if this is the item you want. Please view our grading standards for details on a specific grade.

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