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Beautiful, Antique Style Primitive Salt Box with LidMade to hang, boxes like these held large amounts of salt for people who cooked a lot a needed itIt is made in a Primitive, Antique Style that is made to look like stoneware but I believe it is more of a porcelain or ceramicIt is cream colored with bright flow blue style country design on it with the word Salt.No Chips & No CracksSuper nice piece for anyone who loves decorating with a country kitchen or rustic look!Measures about 6" tall at the tallest point and 6" diameterNot Signed IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR PRICES, GIVE US YOUR BEST OFFER!WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!!!includingJAPAN, AUSTRALIA & CANADAABOUT USWe are always on the lookout for great deals! For over 20 years, we’ve searched the Southeast pickin our way along. We find our items in a variety of places including thrift stores, junk stores, antique stores, and wholesalers. We also buy out estates, yard sales, and storage units that get auctioned off. You never know what we are going to find.ABOUT OUR ITEMSWe sell old, new and in-between. You never know what we’re gonna find cause of the way we buy from so many different sources. If age of an item is a big deal to you, please message us before you bid. Some things we get are obviously old and some are newer but have that old look. Anything that is New Old Stock will be described as such in the main description of the listing. Anything else described as New is New, Not Old no matter how old it looks. We don’t want for anyone to be unhappy. PAYMENTPayment is due within 7 days of the close of the Ebay listing. If the buyer has not contacted us with a reasonable explanation of why payment has not been made an unpaid bidder report will be filed with Ebay.SHIPPINGWE WILL COMBINE SHIPPING COSTS to make it cheaper for you.We are using Calculated Shipping for most items so hopefully this will help keep the costs reasonable, however, if you feel it’s too much just message us and let us check the rates for you.We will try our best to ship your items within 3 business days of receiving your payment.However, we only do Ebay part-time and have other jobs/commitments that we must take care of so please be patient with the delivery of your items.TERMS OF SALE & REFUND POLICYWe describe everything to the best of our ability but we're not experts so please look at all the pictures and be sure you want what we have for sale. Refunds are given if it is a must, however, any return shipping charges must be paid by the buyer and the Ebay bid price is the only part of the purchase that is refunded. Please email us FIRST before you post any negative feedback and we will work with you as best as we can to get everything settled without you having to get ornery...Thank you &

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