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                                   TSOP32,TSOP40,TSOP48 Adapters for TL866CS,TL866A Sockets for USB Bios Programmer


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TSOP32,TSOP40,TSOP48 Adapters for TL866CS,TL866A Sockets for USB Bios Programmer Genuine Parts! Proper Functioning! TSOP32,TSOP40,TSOP48 Adapters for TL866CS,TL866A Sockets for USB Bios Programmer 1.TSOP32 base board 2 TSOP48/SOP44 2-in-1 base board, 3.TSOP40A base board, 4.TSOP40B base board, 5.TSOP32/40/48 soldering top board. 6.TSOP48 ZIF socket top boardProduct DescriptionNeat robust enclosure; 40pin ZIF socket, fully automatic; Fast mode SPI support;Support XP 32bit, Vista 32bit, Windows7 32bit,USB interface for both data transfer and power supply;High speed/fastest; user-friendly; simply-to-use;Software update regularly; free life-time software upgrade/download;Multi-languages support capability: Chinese, ,English;Supports thousands of most popular application devices (12,000 +)Ideally suits the portable/convenient applications that includes: car automotive field ECU chip tuning, airbag reset,mileage, satellite devices, BIOS refreshing, xBox, Wii gaming machines EPROM duplicate, PIC/MCU development, newer laptop technology and newer desktop PC etc.It has outstanding performance which supports the devices that other similar products are not capable of supporting: such as 25LF SPI series, PSOP44,TSOP48, 25VF SPI series, PLCC84,SST39VF3201, TE28F102, 27C1024, 27C1028,HD6475,29F800, 29LV800, 29F032...Date Code: the newest Condition: Brand NewSupply Voltage: International standard Dissipation Power: International standard Operating Temperature: International standard Important NoticeDear Buyers, Please pay attention to the following instruction upon receipt our chips The BGA chips you buy from our company are of high technology and as precise as nanometer. For small quantity of chips, they are exposed to the air after being taken out from package. So they probably will adhere to some humidity. Thus, in order to avoid quality problem, we suggest that you put them inside a baking chamber for at least 24 hours at 100℃-110℃。 When soldering, please control the temprature precisely.Lead-Free/No Pb BGA chips is 245℃--260℃ (Maximum)Leaded/Pb BGA chips 180℃--205℃ (Maximum). The soldering process is complicated. Soldering/replacing chips must be operated by engineers who have proficient skills. As BGA chips are fragile, complicatedly structured, with numerous balls, any slightly faulty positioning, careless temperature-control, or incomplete cleaning PCB boards will result in insufficient soldering or missing soldering. The chips will, as a result, die. BGA chips are easily get broken by improper soldering. Before buying, you should consider 3 points:1) Have you bought the right chips?2) Do you have proper equipment?3) Are you skillful enough to solder the chips?If you are not confident to solder it, please don't buy. Warranty Policy Please confirm if the item is same as our product description when you receive it. Your satisfaction is very important to the development of our company. If you find any discrepancy, pls be free to contact us for immediate solution. If you receive a wrong item from us, we will send you free replacement. If you don't receive your item in 60 days, we will send you free replacement or refund you. If you receive short shipment (incomplete order), we will send you free replacement or refund you. Please remember, if you want to solder the chip, it means that you accept it without disagreement. Once the chip is soldered, it can't be replaced or refunded. Returns of any part that has been used on machine will not be acceptable.Shipping This item will be shipped by Registered Mail within 2 working days after full payment. If you want to get it fast, please choose Expedited Shipping. We will send the item by EMS/FEX/DHL. We only ship to Paypal address. Please make sure the shipping address is same as your PayPal address. The actually shipping time differs from different locations. It can be 15-55 days. (Holidays or weather may effect timeline) It it buyer's reponsibility to pay the tax/custom duties if generated in the destination county.About see-ic Strong Exuberant Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd (see-ic), founded in 1991, has become a professional supplier of electronics components. For over ten years' sales experience of computer chips, we have supplied superior quality and competitive price VGA chips, south & north bridge chipset to customers all around China and now all over the world, from whom we have gained high reputation, with many of who, we have enter long-term and mutual beneficial business relationship. We have built our reputation by maintaining a knowledgeable sales and service staff who work to assure the best price and delivery availability for our customers. We are outstanding because of: High reputation, Competitive price, Superior quality, First hand resources, Large inventory, Speedy delivery.

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