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                                   Wow & Flutter / speed test tape for Studer Revox Akai TEAC Tescam B&O Technics


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Цена товара 6182 руб. 
Цена доставки 985 руб.
Начало продаж (GMT) 05 декабря 2018, 08:10
Купить можно до (GMT) 12 декабря 2018, 08:10
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Местонахождение Copenhagen
Количество 1
Срок доставки 3 - 5 недель
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For sale is one new universal reel to reel WOW & FLUTTER test tape 2 track 19 cm/s ( 7 1/2 IPS)The calibration tape is intended to be used for checking the wow & flutter level and speed on reel to reel recorders according to DIN (3150 Hz) JIS and CCIR (3000 Hz) standardsEvery tape is shipped with its own calibration tag as seen on the picture Below is a link to my general tape deck adjustment guide:https://1drv.ms/b/s!AsJVYXV-6PHPge4be4SqxPpM3dqrggThe document is located on my 1drive. Just copy the link in your browser The tape (and all my other R2R reference tape) is Recorded on a full refurbished and correct adjusted Revox B-77 Mk-2 recorderI calibrate the reorder every month to ensure maximum performance.My B-77 were rebuilt by myself in 2016 with all the electrolytic/tantal capacitors changed. All semiconductors replaced and op-amps upgraded were possible. Pinch roller are replaced and The trimmer-pots are changed to new modern types.The tape transport motors has been fully dissembled fully cleaned and lubricated with (PDP-65) and readjusted according to the Studer service manual. New bearings are fitted as well as new break bands I adjust the Bias according to the tape manufactory’s recommendation for initial bias adjustment followed by adjustment of the record equalizer and minor adjustment of the bias using pink-noise and a Bruel&Kjær 2144 real-time audio spectrum analyzer for maximum flat frequency response. This is the best way to obtain super linear frequency response. My Revox recorder has a actual wow & flutter level less than < ± 0.025 % ( JIS ) and IEC weighted Wow and Flutter: < ± 0.03 % (DIN) Measured with an LEADER LFM-39A wow and flutter meter. Modified with digital frequency readout and microcontroller DDS generator ( both 3000 and 3150 Hz ) for better accuracy and stability. Each tape is checked by the Wow & Flutter meter during recording to verify that the Wow and Flutter level is correct.Frequencies and reference levels are generated by a custom made automated frequency sequencer with fully digital controlled DDS generator for ultra-low distortion.The actual recording levels are measured by the integrated digital AC thru RMS dBm meter section on the sequencer / calibration box for highest recording accuracy.Frequency accuracy of the test box is better that 0.01% and the reference levels are better than +/-0.5 dB The test tape is recorded as half track at 19 cm/s (7½ ips) containing the following tracks:#1 3000 Hz at 0 dBm (JIS and CCIR )#2 3150 Hz at 0 dBm (DIN)Duration of each track is 120 secNAB 50/3180µs EQ The wow & flutter test tape comes with green / red leader tape for easy direction identification on a 15 cm reelThe tape is recorded on new BASF LPR35 ( Pyral ) tape. Open-reel Calibration Tapes are supplied “tail end out” for best storage. Mount them on the takeup side, and rewind them immediately before use. After use, leave them in the “tail end out” position again for removal and storage. This operation ensures that the test tape is aligned on the reel according to the tape recorder under tests actual tape feed mechanisms alignment for maximum precision during the test. I always recommend storing the Reference tape “Tale end out” for protection and minimal “print trough”If other recording speeds are required please contact me The Recorder and the test box / wf meter are not for sale. Buying test tapes are always a matter of trust That’s is the reason I try to explain how I record the tapes and the equipment I use My interest is to make the best possible tapes to help realign the old recorders as best as possible. I use mainly B&K equipment to test and calibrate my recorders and the automated signal generators I use to generate the different frequency’s and levels required for the different tape types The tape is 2 track and can be used on 4 track as well as the amplitude not matter Below is a link to my complete adjustment manual for Revox B77:https://1drv.ms/b/s!AsJVYXV-6PHPsincAUjMkM8ENWVX NielsEE B.Sc

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